The Dream Trip With Hello Flores: Sail On A Journey Of A Lifetime

Going on a journey, traversing the seas with Komodo liveaboard is an opportunity you’ll want to make the most out of. The fantasy of a tropical life is more than what you’re capable of imagining. What’s your typical day would be aboard the ship, sailing on some of the most pristine and unspoiled seas in the world? 

Strolling in the beach island

Hop onto your boat: get ready, set, sail!

Now that you’ve landed in Indonesia, it’s time to head to Flores. Since there are no direct flights to Labuan Bajo, your first gateway within the country would either be Bali (DPS) or Jakarta (CGK). Flores is still considered a remote destination, so the only direct flights to the place would be from Bali, Lombok, and Jakarta. 

Once you get to Labuan Bajo, congrats! Then it’s time you meet with the Hello Flores team. We’ll brief you on our journey before we set sail. Let the wind and the vast oceans take you to new places you haven’t been to. Indonesia is an archipelagic country with thousands of tiny islands, and the cruise is a wonderful way to discover destinations otherwise very difficult or impossible to reach. 

Sailing near the island

Wake up at 3 am to trek and witness Padar Island’s spectacular sunrise 

Plan a day when you sleep early so that it’ll be easier for you to rise earlier than the sun. The crazy view of Padar Island is going to be so worth it. This gorgeous island is located between the Rinca and the Komodo Islands. Trekking in Padar island will allow you to immerse in the enchanting views of the spectacular nature. The impressive panoramic views are known to be a treasure for photographers. 

Trekking to the top of Padar Island

Diving with the majestic manta rays at the Manta Point 

The Manta Point is the largest reef in the area of Komodo National Park, where you can catch sight of the majestic manta rays all year-long. Being able to swim with the oceans’ gentle giants is a treasured moment for all diving and snorkeling lovers out there. 

Manta rays in the deep of the sea

Get your paddle ready and kayak in Gili Lawa Darat 

The Gili Lawa Darat island is located in the Northeast of Komodo Island, and definitely not a place to miss for during your Komodo tour. Kayaking in the waters of Gili Lawa Darat is a leisurely delight, as the island is protected from the currents and from the strong waves. Aside from a great spot for kayaking, the island is also an awesome place to go trekking and discover spectacular nature and panoramic views.

Relaxing above a kayak in the sea

Have a romantic dinner in the evening at the beach 

For couples having the trip of their life on a Komodo cruise, setting up a romantic dinner at the beach is not something to pass on. Taste some of the most authentic flavors of Indonesia. If the cruise food has iconic Indonesian dishes, on land, find out some of the local specialties. Witness the sunset together with your significant other, let the warm tones engulf you as the day comes to a close. 

A romantic dinner in the beachside

Visiting the Kelimutu Volcano and its magical lakes 

A visit to Flores is not complete before you witness the color-changing ability of the Kelimutu lakes yourself. The Kelimutu mountain has three lakes, and all of them have different colors and they change independently from the other, thanks to each lake’s unique connection to the activities of the volcano. Until now, scientists have a hard time predicting the changing of the lake colors.

Once you’ve finished your visit to the Kelimutu Volcano, it’s time to hop back onto the boat and continue your journey. It’s time to find some rest to recover the necessary strength for tomorrow’s exploration. End your day with a sunset dinner, champagne in hand. 

Sky view of the Kelimutu lake

Go see Komodo dragons on Komodo and Rinca islands 

The Komodo dragons are the nearest thing we have to a dinosaur—these magnificent creatures are ancient. Indonesia is the only country where you can meet them. Your boat will sail from Flores to the Rinca island and Komodo island, where you can catch a sight of these creatures and observe them. Although the Komodo island has the namesake, currently the island most populated by the Komodo dragons is the Rinca island. 

Komodo dragon on the island

Have a relaxing day at the Kanawa island 

Kanawa is a tiny island surrounded by gorgeous beaches with pristine, white sand. Once you get there, you’ll feel as if you see something out of a movie, or displayed on a postcard. Kanawa Island is the very picture of life on the tropical island. Turquoise water, crystal clear oceans, unspoiled underwater marine life—is there a better place to get the sand between your toes?  

A wooden bridge in Kanawa island

Watch the traditional Caci Dance, get to know a bit of the local culture 

The traditional Caci dance is a ritualistic whip fight that originated from the ancient times of the Manggarai people of Flores. Whenever performed, the Caci dance is a spectacularly lively event—with the spectators yelling and shouting out encouragements to the performers/fighters on the spotlight. It’s an interesting cultural event to witness while you’re on land. The dance is usually performed in a Manggaraian marriage ceremony, funerals, and births. 

The traditional Caci dance in Flores

Witness thousands of bats clouding the twilight sky 

The word “kalong” means big bats in Bahasa Indonesia, and as the name suggests, the island is home to hundreds if not thousands of bats. The kalong island may surprisingly prove to be an experience on its own. Looking at a community of birds crowding the sky is one thing, but flying foxes are another thing entirely. The sunset is the time where the kalongs come out of their resting place to find fruits. Seeing thousands of these flying foxes on the gorgeous twilight sky is a phenomenon not to be missed. 

Laying in the sand of Pink beach

Visit the Wae Rebo Village 

It’s time you get deep into the Flores lands. Surrounded by mountains and forests, the Wae Rebo village feels ancient and untouched by civilizations. It’s an extremely interesting experience that will let you glimpse into the fragments of the everyday lives of the local people. The Wae Rebo area is also rich in vegetation where you’ll find numerous wild flowers and lush greens, on top of a phenomenal panoramic view. 

The Wae Rebo village up in the mountain