Wae Rebo Village

Ancient traditional dwellings and friendly smiles of the locals….

Visiting the Wae Rebo village will make you feel as if you’re thrown back in time where human civilization has just started. The unique traditional houses of Manggarai, Mbaru Niang, are of inverted cone-shapes made of thatches. Centuries back, this used to be one of the most common types of houses, but today, the region is the only place where you can find this type of dwelling. Population are scarce, only 25 families lived in the village and there are a total of 7 houses. The highlight of this visit would be interactions with the local villagers. Many Indonesians are friendly and amicable in nature, and these people are definitely among them. Bask in the simple lives of these locals and despite the language barrier, their friendly smiles and laughter would welcome you with warmth.

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