The Komodo National Park is now open again. As a response to COVID-19, we have implemented new protocols with our boat partners for the safety of the crews and guests.

About Us

Hello Flores have been created by 4 young passionate globe trotters who traveled the world looking for untouched places full of heritage and cultures. Back in 2013 when we went to Indonesia for our first time, we obviously started our trip in Bali, “the Island of gods”. Already affected by mass tourism we decided to look for an other island that would be more in line with our travel style. Our next destination was the Island of Flores and the world famous Komodo National Park.

Hello Flores

We discovered an island with typical villages, breathtaking landscapes, friendly locals and unchanged, unique cultures. And the best was to come with the Komodo National Park. This place looks like nothing else on earth. Dry hills with prehistoric animals living on, beautiful mangroves, pink and white sand beaches and the most amazing underwater life we have ever seen. Manta rays, reef sharks, dugongs and even a whale who played around our boat for 30 minutes!

Since that particular day we knew we had to come back and do something to promote but protect this wonderful place.

Enjoying the shore of Pulau Makassar on a cloudy weather | Hello flores
Liveaboard to Raja Ampat | Hello Flores

This is where the idea of Hello Flores came from. Five years later, we are happy to launch our website to promote Flores & the Komodo National Park. Hello Flores is aiming to gather the best activities and experiences in Flores & Komodo National Park and carefully selects the best operators to offer the greatest travel experience!

Being raised with all the environmental concerns during our scholarship, we want to put an emphasis on preserving the place we work with.

That’s why Hello Flores is willing to act as a responsible company working with the local community to make sure they all benefit from the development of tourism on the island and teach them new practices to preserve their environment in order to ensure a long term and durable development. Hello Flores is in partnership with Indonesian Ocean Pride to help preserve the National Park and make our cruises eco-friendly, teaching the crew how to reduce our impact, inform the guests and share with them about the best practices to make everyone an actor on this environment preservation.

Indonesian ocean pride | Hello Flores