Komodo Island

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Komodo Island named from the famous lizard living on it is the biggest island of the Komodo National Park with 390 km2. Located at the western part of the park, Komodo is less visited than Rinca Island due to its location making it a bit wilder. With an estimated population of 1 000 dragons living on the island, it is slightly less than Rinca. Wild pigs, water buffalos, Sumba deers, monkeys, wild horses and many snake species are present on the island. Komodo is composed of three different type of vegetation with savanna all around the coastline covering 70 % of the island, monsoon forest with a dry tropical forest located between sea level and an altitude of 500 meters and the quasi-cloud forest above 500 meters. Mount Satalibo is the highest point of Komodo reaching 730 meters high. Two of the most famous spot of Komodo National Park are situated on Komodo, Pink beach and Gili Lawa Darat. A ranger station in the small fishermen village of Komodo will welcome you to discover the habitat of the Komodo dragons in total safety.

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