Mount Sangeang

Challenge Yourself to Climb The Fierce Mount Sangeang

Mount Sangeang is an active volcano located in Sangeang Island, Indonesia. Despite the fact that the mountain still has potential to erupt in the future, many travelers are curious to try climbing it due to its beautiful view. Sangeang is quite new to tourism, but the growth of people who want to visit the place is promising, especially avid mountain climbers. It may be dangerous, but as long as you know what you are doing, climbing the mountain should not give you too much trouble. The beautiful atmosphere and the myth surrounding the island might be the main attraction. That aside, a challenge is also a motivation for people to set foot on the mountain. For those who have experienced climbing other mountains around Indonesia, finding a new mountain to conquer is definitely a bliss. Overall, the panoramic view of Sangeang Island from the top is definitely a sight to behold.

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