Manta Point & Pulau Makassar

Meet the giant Mantas in paradise

Karang Makassar better known as Manta point is the longest reef in the Komodo National Park. With over 3 km long, this shallow dive site, 2 to 8 m deep, is famous for the presence of the magnificent Manta rays all year round. This giant is the most graceful underwater creature you will find in the Komodo National Park swimming like it s flying in the ocean with long and effortless moves. Growing up to 6 m wide and 1,5 ton, snorkeling or diving with manta rays is one the best experience you can do inside the Komodo National Park. They often come in group of 3 to 6 but it is not unusual to see them in much wider group with 30 or more individuals in this area of the park.

Next to Manta Point is a small island called Pulau Makassar. It is the true definition of paradise island. White and pink sand beach encircled by crystal blue water and magnificent reef and groups of white tropical bird resting on the island makes it the perfect place to relax after a dive with Mantas.

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