Ruteng & its spiderweb rice fields

One of a kind phenomenon the you’ll seldom find anywhere else in the world. Rice fields in Asia are often laid out in terraces or in a common rectangular shape. However, Flores seems to be an exception. The rice fields layout seemed to form giant spiderwebs in a gigantic area, and witnessing it from above is a spectacle in itself. The Lingko rice field is not a common occurrence in the Southeast Asia. With its quirky rice field layouts, Ruteng is the biggest producer of rice in Flores. Another produce of this mountainous region is coffee, and it’s among one of the most important producers in Indonesia at large, both for exports and for domestic consumptions. The mountainous area is extremely stunning and is a chance to escape the tropical heat. Local traditions include traditional whip fight ceremony (Caci dance) performed in important occasions such as marriage.

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