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Labuan Bajo & Around

the perfect gateway to flores and its wonders!

The first town that will greet you as you journey to Flores and Komodo islands is Labuan Bajo, a small town likened to a harbor village with an abundance of boats and its famed fish markets. Here are some of the popular highlights of Labuan Bajo to get you started!

Labuan Bajo | Hello Flores

For the seafood lovers, Labuan Bajo Fish Market is the place to visit!

The fish market of Labuan Bajo has been revered to as a heaven for seafood lovers. This is one of the best places where you can get sea morsels in their freshest state. In the Harbor City of Labuan Bajo, expect to see all kinds of fresh seafood you’ll want to get your hands on. Some vendors offer grilling on the spot as well. Yumm! Go early in the morning as the market opens and is filled with people even before the sun rises.

Witnessing Sunset at Labuan Bajo

Enjoy the sunsets at Labuan Bajo atop a cruise with the salty winds blowing and messing up your hair, a loved one at your side, or better yet, a glass of wine as your company. Witness the vibrant tangerine melt into the calming purple as the last of the sun rays dissipate and makie way for the night. The journey to the tropical islands of Indonesia’s Flores is best savored through the little moments in life.

Sunset at Labuan Bajo | Hello Flroes
Cunca Wulang | Hello Flores

Rangko Cave : Fantastical Hidden Cave

The Rangko Cave is one of Flores’ best-kept secrets where you can swim within a cavern that will make you feel as if you were thrown to the fantasies of fairytales. The stalactites are as fantastical as they can get, and the vibrant blue of the water are simply stunning to beheld. This place is pretty difficult to get to with slippery grounds and walls on your way; but what you’ll find is going to be so worth it.

Cunca Wulang Waterfalls & Canyon

This place is gradually known as the hidden gem among thrill-seekers and canyoning lovers. Gorgeous waterfalls falling onto turquoise-colored freshwater pools surrounded by tall canyons creating a narrow path of water lane, all painted a vivid picture of a world born out of stories and bedtime fairytales. Cunca Wulang is a perfect place for not just canyoning, but also hiking, cliff-jumping, and swimming.

Cunca Wulang Waterfall | Hello Flores
Rice Field Cunca Rami | Hello Flores

The Scenic Cunca Rami Waterfall

Another trip down the fantasy road, Flores does not seem to have a shortage of things that will impress you. The whole area is a feast for the eyes, and simply being there and basking in the natural landscape is a joy in itself. The waterfall and the space surrounding it makes you forget that civilizations are around. It’s a perfect place for hiking and trekking. A walk through the village with a local guide will also give you insights to the locals’ life as well as the farming scene that flourishes here.

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