Sebayur islands wonders

Sebayur islands of Flores comprised of two; Sebayur Besar, which literally translates to “the Big Sebayur”, and Sebayur Kecil (the Small Sebayur), are two identical islands just across the Komodo National Park. Visiting the Sebayur islands will give you a taste of the ultimate island life; warm oceans thanks to the year-long sun, and the pristine beaches with white sands that meets crystal clear waters. These islands are great for trekking. It’s another excellent place to discover the dry hills and the wilderness of Flores. Our favorite thing to do here is reward ourselves with the sunset after a day of trekking and exploring. Simply basking in the perpetual changing of colors as the afternoon melts into the night and paint the sky vibrant is among the little joys in life we strive to be more mindful of.

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