Roberto From Italy & Switzerland

September 21, 2018

“My trip to Flores was back in middle March and I got invited by a Tour Company to take some photos for their new website and social media.
March is generally one of the best months to visit the Island since Komodo National Park is still green, there’s not too many tourists and the weather is just perfect!
I stayed around 5 days where I spent 2 days on a boat around Komodo National Park and 1 day on a Catamaran.

I was with a group of friends and it was a really nice experience since we were on the same wave length and we all loved content creation.

My favourite Island was definitely Padar, easy to say, but also Pink beach has taken my breath away. But all the Komodo National Park is outstanding, gorgeous and incredible…

Everywhere around you go is beautiful and so special… The water is a magic blue colour that I will never forget… Snorkelling is simply magic… I have never seen so many different species and variety of fishes and coral.

My favourite moment was sunset up on Padar Island… I felt like I was in some kind of dream and I didn’t want to want to wake up… Just stunning. “

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