Kevin From France & Madagascar

August 17, 2018

“My trip to Flores was pretty much last month. I was travelling one month in Indonesia with a girl I fell in Love with in Australia. We arrived from Lombok with a 4days live on board boat to Komodo NP. Then from Labuan Bajo we went all the way to Kelimutu NP. My favorite place was definitely Padar island and Kelimutu (main reason of our trip to Flores). We were running out of time so we could stay only one week in Flores and had to rush a bit.

Padar was my favorite island cause it’s truly an amazing gem. The kind of place you have to punch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming, the kind of place that takes your breath away. Would you believe a place when you can marvel at a pink, black and white beach at the same time could exist? This is Padar.

My favorite place in Land was definitely Kelimutu. We ve been dreaming about it for such a long time and finally make it there was a truly wonderful feeling. Accomplishment, joy, disappointment cause it was so foggy than we couldn’t even see the lakes but suddenly like a fairytale the wind blew everything away to reveal the true heart of Flores island. This was also one of my favorite moment. However my favorite moment in Flores was from the top of Mt Inerie the highest volcano in Flores.

I was alone at the top with a guide after a short but tough hike. It was so windy but I tried to fly my drone. It was magical cause after that Fransisco my guide shared a piece of his life with me such as climbing here (it was his hike number 64 that day here) it was my turn to show him a piece of mine which was flying drones. A really raw shared moment I will never forget.

That day on that mountain I found myself again, putting things in perspective with all the social media talk. Realising the true purpose of travelling for me was seeking adventure, feeling alive discovering new places with my own eyes, make my own version of it and share it with the world to inspire people to do so as well.”