How A Bit of Basic Indonesian Help You on Komodo Trip

How A Bit of Basic Indonesian Help You on Komodo Trip

Komodo Island may be already on your wish list of travel destinations. Well, if you have not put it on your list yet, we suggest you add it now. A Komodo cruise will be the perfect opener for your upcoming holiday after all of these ends. You can discover the never-ending beauty of Indonesia from the peak of Padar Island or from your Komodo liveaboard boat to heal your mind and soul.

You don’t want to ruin your ideal holiday with a language barrier that might happen when you travel to Komodo Island. Language is the essential thing when you are travelling. In fact, there are over 300 different native languages spoken in Indonesia. But don’t worry! You just need to learn the basics of Bahasa Indonesia, since it is the primary language in Indonesia and most of the local people will comprehend it. 

Learning a bit of basic Indonesian may help you on your next Komodo Trip. By speaking basic Indonesian during your Komodo trip, you will acquire a new experience and interact with local people. Plus, you will be considered less of a tourist, and it will encourage you to negotiate prices for food or even a Komodo tour package! It’s never been easy to learn a new language, but Hello Flores is ready to support you. Here are things you should do when you want to learn basic Indonesian.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing your basic Indonesian makes you understand more about the language and context. Basic Indonesian is way simpler than any other languages because the way you pronounce the alphabet is the same with the written alphabets. For the starter-kit of learning basic Indonesian, our team has prepared some severe sentences that you may use for your future Komodo Trip below:

Basic Greetings and Introductions:

Good morning – Selamat Pagi
Good afternoon — Selamat Siang
Good evening — Selamat Sore
Good night — Selamat Malam

How are you? – Apa kabar?
I am fine and you? — Kabar saya baik, bagaimana dengan anda?
What is your name? — Siapa nama anda?
My name is… — Nama saya …
Where are you from? — Dari mana anda berasal?
I am from … — Saya berasal dari …

Simple Indonesian Conversations and Phrases:

How much does it cost? — Berapa harga ini?

Where is Komodo National Park / the fish market ? – Dimana Taman Nasional Komodo / pasar ikan? 

How to get to Komodo Island / the fish market? – Bagaimana caranya untuk menuju ke Pulau Komodo / pasar ikan?

What time the Komodo boat will be arrived? – Pukul berapa kapal Komodo akan tiba?

What time will we have lunch / dinner? — Pukul berapa kita akan makan siang / malam?
Enjoy your meal — Selamat menikmati makanan anda
It is very delicious! — Ini sangat enak!
May I have some water / fresh coconut? — Bisakah saya meminta air mineral / buah kelapa?
It is very beautiful! — Ini sangat cantik!
I love Indonesia — Saya cinta Indonesia

Thank You – Terima kasih
Thank you very much — Terima kasih banyak
You are welcome — Terima kasih kembali / Sama-sama
See you soon — Sampai jumpa

Keep practicing those sentences that relate to travel to Komodo Island, Hope it helps you prepare your future Komodo Trip with Hello Flores!

Download or Buy A Dictionary

How A Bit of Basic Indonesian Help You on Komodo Trip

Downloading a dictionary on your mobile phone is the more convenient way to learn basic Indonesian. However, you have to choose the application carefully because not all applications provide the accurate information about using Bahasa Indonesia correctly, especially related to travelling to Komodo Island. Before downloading it, maybe you can research first which application is suitable for your next Komodo Trip. 

The oldest way to learn it is by buying the travel dictionary of Bahasa Indonesia or the travel book of Komodo Island. Actually, you can use the usual dictionary, but it will be easier for you to find travel verbs in a travel dictionary. 

Get Locals’ Help

How A Bit of Basic Indonesian Help You on Komodo Trip

There is a saying, “If you want to be good at something, learn from the best!”. If you want to understand more about Bahasa Indonesia, you need to talk to the local people. Ask them if you did not quite understand or didn’t know the meaning of some words or sentences. The local Komodo tour guides will be able to speak bilingual well, so they will be able to assist you learn and practice your basic Indonesian.