A Secret Destination in Flores; the Mysterious Kalong Island

As we already knew, Flores Island has a lot of incomparable stunning destinations that cannot be explored in a week. Maybe, it took months or even years to fully explore the beauty of every inch of Komodo Island. You may go to Padar Island, Pink Beach, Komodo Island, and other places that are already famous with their picturesque landscape. However, there is one exotic destination in Komodo that remains a hidden mystery; an island where nobody ever lands and yet wins almost every traveler’s heart for its distinct wild charm. The mystical Kalong Island. 

The story behind the Island

Kalong Island is a small yet alluring island, which is located in the southern part of Komodo National Park. This island mostly consists of mangrove plantations, which is the main reason why people cannot land and stroll around the island. Travelers could only pass and witness the beauty of this island from the outside, which add the mysterious element to its rustic charm. The deck of Komodo liveaboard is the perfect place to enjoy a sight of Kalong Island, where you can lie comfortably on the loungers and probably get a cold tropical drink in the meanwhile. The Kalong island itself got its name from its native inhabitants; large bats or flying foxes that sleep all day, hanging in the mangroves’ branches deep in the darkest nooks of the island. 

Now you’ll be asking, ‘Why do they have to name an island with a meaning of bats or flying foxes? In that case, let us resolve your question so you can sleep tight today! You can say that this island is the home of flying foxes. You can find a hundred families of flying foxes there and see them in the evening around sunsets’ time. Let us reveal a secret to you; Kalong Island is one of the most ideal spots to enjoy the remarkable sunset in Komodo National Park. 

The Kalong (bats or Flying Foxes)

The magic in Kalong Island happens in the evening. As the sun starts to set and the sky changes into gorgeous orange-violet hue, groups of ‘kalong’ (flying foxes) burst from their home, flying to the neighbouring island in search of food. The contrast between these dark creatures with the crimson sky as the background is just so bewitching. Your Komodo boat charter will stop near this island to provide you the best sight.

The evening is the time when the bats wake up from their naps and start to look for food. That is the reason why you can witness a lot of Kalong flies freely in the sky around sunset. rest assured, however, that these dark-loving creatures don’t eat blood; their diets consist mostly of fruits. Kalongs are quite majestic and mysterious creatures. Most of them are black, and nobody knows where they are going to look for their food. Kalong where you can find in Komodo National Park, are relatively big ones and it will be an experience in a lifetime to witness flying foxes going out from their nest. 

Local Myth Behind Kalong Island

The locals there protect the mangrove of Kalong Island. They will permit people to stroll around the island, but nobody could get inside of it. However, there is a story that has long been circulating among the local folks; they said there was a man who tried to enter the island and never come back. They never identify what happened to that man. Since then, the locals are afraid and will not allow anyone to enter the island. This one also the reason why Kalong Island remains a mysterious island in Komodo National Park. The island always keeps a secret of its breath-taking nature.

The beauty of this island will make you stop blinking for a while. So, make sure this mysterious yet astonishing Kalong Island is on the list when you take a Komodo tour.