Carolane From Bali

May 18, 2018

Tell us about your trip to Flores (when was it, how many days, with who…?)

I fell in love with Flores Island the first time I have been there for a boat trip with friends (2017). More precisely, we stayed on the boat for 2 nights and 3 days in the Komodo National Park. Because the experience was memorable and the landscape was breathtaking, I decided 6 months later to go back there with my family for another boat trip of 3 nights and 4 days. I could definitely go back there again and again

What was your favourite place/island? Why?

It’s a hard choice as all the places I have been are just amazing and so different to each other. But I can say I loved – Padar Island for its magical view (I felt like I was Peter Pan in Neverland) – Kelor for its incredible trekking over beautiful sunrise lights – Pink Beach for its pink sand & turquoise water – and more – Flores is just a real heaven!

What was your favourite moment? Why?

Cruising in an amazing landscape that we only see on TV is a magical moment. It’s so relaxing and you feel cut off from the world like in a dream. We also had the chance to see dolphins on their own playground and this will be engraved forever in our memory.